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Latest News

02/19/2018 -
Billy Tooma is thrilled to announce that he has entered into development on Ken Forsse: Come Dream with Me Tonight, a documentary on the life of Teddy Ruxpin's creator

01/05/2018 -
Billy Tooma and Tony Calandrillo are excited to announce that George Washington: The Farewell Address is currently in post-production

09/14/2017 -
Poetry of Witness screened at the Windham Campbell Prizes Festival at Yale University

07/12/2017 -
The Black Eagle of Harlem is now available for streaming via YouTube

06/12/2017 -
Billy Tooma and Brian Jay Jones are excited to announce that they have reached an agreement on the rights to the latter's biography on Washington Irving; Tooma's fourth documentary, Washington Irving: An American Original, has entered into development