The Black Eagle of Harlem (2017)

[213 minutes]

A Film by Billy Tooma

Produced by Anthony Cirilo

Associate Producers - Mark Julian, C. Bríd Nicholson, Laura Winters

Interviews with Guy E. Franklin, John Gruesser, Mark Julian,
Akil Kokayi Khalfani, David Shaftel, Joshua Stoff

Narrated by Michael Vila

Voiceovers by David Hunscher, Raymond Spencer,
Rebecca L. Williams, Shaheed K. Woods

Original Artwork by
Najee R. Smith

Original Score Composed by
Will Lewis

The story of one of the 20th century's most interesting icons. From parachutist to pilot to soldier of fortune, Col. Hubert Fauntleroy Julian led a life of high adventure. Born in Trinidad in 1897, he made his way to New York City where he quickly drew headlines for his aeronautical exploits. Throughout the 1930s, Julian made three separate trips to Ethiopia, ultimately leaving once the Italian invasion began. After World War II he saw himself employed as an arms dealer to several volatile governments of the international community. After living a not-so-quiet life in retirement, he passed away in 1983.